Due to Menstruation, The woman had to sleep in a cottage outside the house


What kind of practice?

Due to menstruation, the woman had to sleep in a cottage outside the house.

  Kathmandu: In the past, there was a case in Nepal which had surprised everyone. Indeed, in the Bajura district of Nepal, a woman named Amba Boohora had to sleep in a cottage outside the house due to menstruation. Amba burnt a fire in the cottage to protect her two children from the cold. Not only was the death of Amba Bohra, but both of his sons were also killed due to suffocation of fire at night.
This incident has not happened even in a month, that another such case has emerged in Nepal. According to the information, this time a 21-year-old woman living in a windowless hut allegedly died of suffocation due to menstruation in Dhoti district.
It is being told that on January 31, Parvati Bogati was sleeping alone in a separate hut. He kept the fire burning to keep the cottage warm. In the news of Kathmandu Post, it is reported that in the morning the next morning, when her husband did not get up till late Parvati, her mother-in-law went to Lodhi Bogati cottage where she was dead.

Lakshmi said, ‘She (Parvati) was happy because her menstrual cycle was over in the next day, but before that, she died’.

He said that Parvati went on a separate hut that day because in the cottage she used to go often during the menstruation, there were three other women.

Rural Municipality president, Gallery Bagati said that Parvati was killed due to suffocation. His body has been taken to the post-mortem.

Earlier in 2018 similarly a 23-year-old woman was killed. Let us tell you that this practice has been banned in Nepal during the menstruation while being treated as untouchables, but in many communities, even now, during the menstruation, the woman should be treated as unclean and stay away from her family stay during this period.


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